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Environment As A Factor for Behavioral Change

April 15, 2012 Leave a comment

I’m currently reading “The Personal MBA: Master The Art of Business” by Josh Kaufman. One of the concepts that stood out to me is Guiding Structure:

“Guiding Structure means the structure of your Environment is the largest determinant of your behavior. If you want to successfully change a behavior, don’t try to change the behavior directly. Change the structure that influences or supports the behavior, and the behavior will change automatically.”

As Planners, we’re always talking about influencing behavior. I think one mistake we may make is that we’re always talking about trying to influence behavior directly.

We see this constantly in mobile: Many apps are created with very little consideration to the environments people will be in when they use them. Some of the best apps, like Layar and other location-based apps have geotility incorporated into their DNA.

Environment is something we often neglect, but it’s an important factor we need to consider, especially as brands struggle to increase relevancy in digital.

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