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Have You Ever Seen a Duckrabbit?

From Wikipedia:

“Aspect seeing is the ability to see one thing in multiple ways.

Just as we can see the “duckrabbit” as either a duck or a rabbit…One of the great dangers we face in making use of our minds is getting trapped in only being able to see the world in one way.”


h/t Digital Tonto – Stupid Strategy


3 Brain Rules for Presenters

How Do You Explain Digital Strategy To Your Parents?

I really love this new deck by Amber Horsburgh, which does a great job of breaking down Digital Strategy in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand.



H/t Planning Tools & Hacks

What Is The Internet Doing To Our Brains?

Are you one of the many people struggling with information overload in our attention economy?

If so, what effect is the Internet, with all of its interruptions and distractions, having on the way your brain processes information?

Here’s a great video summary of Nicholas Carr’s 2011 Pulitzer Prize nominated book, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” that I discovered on the excellent Farnam Street Blog.



Along the same vein, I highly recommend Dolf Robelli’s white paper, “Avoid News” and Tim Ferriss’ Change This Manifesto,”The Low-Information Diet: How to Eliminate Email Overload and Triple Productivity in 24 Hours


Fortune – World’s Most Admired Companies 2013

The top 3 are all tech companies:

  1. Apple
  2. Google

See the full list here:



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