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The Coding Gap

There’s an enormous gap between the number of available programming jobs and people with the computer skills to actually do the work.


“Enrollment rates in programming classes are low, but what is worse is that schools aren’t even teaching it, even though this is the fastest growing segment of jobs in the country,” Partovi said, adding that nine out of ten U.S. schools don’t offer computer programming classes at all — and those that do often treat it as an elective that doesn’t count toward graduation, the same as, say woodworking (Source: TechCrunch).


This new video from the non-profit (which aims to encourage computer science education) features an all-start cast of people with programming skills to show an accessible, human side to a typically dry subject.



In other coding news, GOOD has announced the winners of Code for GOOD. I love the whole idea behind this recruiting initiative. Participants were able to take coding lessons and submit a final project, while the finalists were flown to LA for a hack-a-thon to showcase their new skills. The winner was provided an opportunity to work for GOOD. You can watch the embedded video to learn more about the finalists.


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