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Google Zeitgeist 2012: Year in Review

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Inspiring work in typical Google fashion:

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The Evolution of the Hipster

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Who Do Millenial Men Consider Role Models Today? Not Who You Think.

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DISCLOSURE: This post was originally published August 19th. See the original + follow up comments on the Casanova Pendrill blog.

A recent AdAge article talks about a study conducted by regarding men and role models. The results are somewhat surprising:

1. There’s been a shift where Gen Pop men consider entrepreneurs as their most ideal models, before athletes and entertainers.

“Today’s men want to succeed in their careers and they don’t see that happening in any traditional way. They understand that, perhaps now more than ever, success requires that entrepreneurial combination of vision and invention. There is no career ladder to the position of a Steve Jobs or a Mark Zuckerberg.”

Whereas the last generation focused on getting “good” jobs as doctors, lawyers and accountants, today’s man has realized that following this “career ladder” with a predetermined destination doesn’t necessarily equate happiness. The result is an urge to become self-made, even if that means straying from the more conventional path (I think the other part of it is a desire for guys to make stuff – look at the interest in DIY culture).

2. A desire for more financial freedom

“According to the 2010 survey of Millennials by Euro RSCG, men are six times as likely as women (12% vs. 2%) to choose “money” as the thing that best describes happiness. But these out-sized ambitions have as much to do with freedom as with wealth. When answering the same question — “What best describes happiness to you?” — 22% of men vs. 13% of women chose “freedom” as the No. 1 factor. Perhaps what men find most attractive about entrepreneurship is exactly that: the freedom to be the master of your own destiny. “

Money will always be a motivational driver, even if it’s just for the bare necessities. Many guys today, however, appear to be more interested in using their hard-earned dollars to explore other channels for happiness (Ex: travel, dining out, shopping, learning a new skill, etc.), instead of sitting back and admiring their growing bank accounts.

3. Men are buying higher quality items, like Apple products, because these men are confident in their future success and think it’s important to invest in themselves.

This is an important point to keep in mind — look at the declining sales of “throw-away” fashion retailers like H&M and Zara. Or the back to basics positioning and emphasis on craftsmanship in the Levi’s “Made and Crafted” line. Or Chrysler’s “Made In Detroit” Super Bowl spot:

Recent research has shown us that there’s a greater desire, for both young males AND females, regardless of race or ethnicity, to carve out their own path to success.

I wonder how Latino men would respond: Who are their role models? What do you think are their greatest motivations and ambitions?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments!!

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