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How to Improve Your Chances for Success in Life

From Stan Hayward on Quora with an answer to “What can I start doing now that will help me a lot in about 5 years?


  • Keep a diary
  • Write down the key points of what you did for the day. This may be trivial, but it will show how you spend your day.
  • Write down thoughts you have for doing even simple things like buying something. This will show where your money goes.
  • At the end of every month do a summary of what you have done, and mark out things you have achieved for the month, or failed to achieve. This includes your income, health, buying items, fixing things.
  • Put a value on your time. If you assess your time as being worth $20 an hour then assess everything you do at that rate. So if writing and posting a letter takes half an hour, then it costs $10.
  • Give yourself short term goals. Write down what you hope to achieve in the next month. Then assess how well you did it. If you failed then write down why.
  • You need to plan your personal life like you would plan a company. Put a value on what you do, who you know, how much you pay for anything, and how much your possessions and actions further your goals.
  • Get rid of excess baggage. This covers items you don’t need, habits that are distractions, friends who you will not miss, hobbies that absorb your resources.
  • Mix with people who have similar goals to yourself.
  • Do not assume you will ever have time to do things you can’t do now or soon.
  • Learn the difference between Urgent and Important
  • Don’t rely on others to solve your problems. Try to solve all your own problems even if they can be solved with money or help. Learning how to fix a tap washer may seem needless, but it gives an insight into problem solving.
  • Find out how other people solved their problems or failed to.
  • Take an interest  in people. Success comes from knowing how people work, not how things work.



Goals for Q1, 2010

January 18, 2010 1 comment

Image via koka_sexton

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in years. It just doesn’t make sense to me: despite our best intentions they usually fail to materialize because they’re too ambiguous, too general and lack deadlines.

With that said, I’m focusing on a few specific, achievable goals in the next 3 months:

1. Make the leap from freelance to full-time

Freelance work has been a great experience, and it’s time to move on. Feel free to contact me through any of the links I’ve provided on this blog if you know of any openings in Planning, Strategy, Consumer Insights or New Media. Commenting on this post would probably be the fastest and easiest way to get a hold of me.

Goal: Find a position in the U.S. before April 2010.

Strategy: I’ve been doing all the right things (networking online and off, informational interviews, etc). I just think it’s a matter of doing these kinds of things consistently so I can be in the right place at the right time.

2. Start learning Japanese

I’ve wanted to learn Japanese for a while now, so I’m taking the plunge. I’m dying to visit Japan, too, so I’m setting a tentative deadline for the end of 2011.

Goal: Japanese has four alphabets. My goal is to learn Hiragana and Katakana inside out (which will help me learn Romaji in the process). Once I have those under my belt, I’ll shift my focus to Kanji.

Strategy: I’m primarily going to be using‘s guide, along with the following links. They’ve done a great job of laying down all the steps and explaining everything thoroughly. I’ve already been doing daily one hour study sessions for the past two weeks.

More links:

3. Become an early riser

I’ve always had a hard time getting up early, and I know that it’s mainly because I’m a night owl.

Goal: Start getting up daily at 7am.

Strategy: Follow Definitive Guide to Becoming an Early Riser from

4. Blog more consistently

I think there’s a direct correlation between information absorbed and information processed, so I’m going to try to cut down on my blog reading so I can shift my focus to blog writing.

Goal: Write at least one new post a week.

Strategy: Allocate 2-3 time blocks per week to focus on generating new posts.

5. Drop below 10% bodyfat

2009 was a good year for me fitness-wise. Among other things, I:

  • increased my max squat by about 100 lbs (max 215lbs for 5 reps)
  • increased my max bench press by about 50 lbs (max 210lbs for 5 reps)
  • went from zero chinups and pullups to weighted reps

I was able to do all this in less than 5 months.

Goal: My current goal is to get my bodyfat down to 8% (I’m around 10-10.5% right now). I figure it’ll take me about 4-8 weeks (cut .5% minimum each week), depending on my consistency. Once I achieve this, my next goal will probably be to get my max squat, deadlift and bench press over 250lbs for 5 reps.

Strategy: Full-body dumbbell/bodyweight circuit workout twice a week. Cardio 3-6x a week for 25-45 minutes.

6. Read at least one book every two weeks

I go through phases where I read a lot and then I don’t read at all. Last year I read about a dozen books total.

Goal: Read at least one book bi-weekly — that comes out to 26 books a year — more than double what I read in 2009.

Strategy: Set aside one hour a day for reading.


How To Easily Achieve Your Goals In 2010 via

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