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Ryan Holiday on Winning the PR Game

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment


I’ve written about Ryan Holiday before and he has a great new teaser interview on Chase Jarvis’ blog for Ryan’s upcoming creativeLIVE class on PR for artists, entrepreneurs and businesses. Here’s an excerpt:

CJ: What is the first step for a creative to get their work noticed… from someone besides their mom?

RH: I’d say hold on a second. People think about marketing too early and too late. Before you think about, I want creatives to be POSITIVE their work and business is ready for lots of attention. If your website sucks or your distribution is disorganized, do you really want anyone other than your mom to buy from you? Getting in the New York Times would be a disaster…

Then I would say: are you ready to be a full time marketer? Because marketing is not something you do two weeks before the product comes out either. It’s a lifestyle. You have to think and breathe it constantly. You have to know the influencers in your space, create messages and content they can spread. You have to bake that into your product. In other words, campaigns take time and resources and unless you’re going to dedicate yourself to doing it–it won’t happen and you won’t get results.


FULL INTERVIEW: From Obscurity to Internet Sensation – How Creatives Can Win the PR Game (Interview with Ryan Holiday)


Ryan Holiday on How to Differentiate Yourself

September 26, 2012 1 comment

If you’re not familiar with Ryan Holiday, you should be. Not only has he worked with New York Times best-selling authors Tucker Max and Robert Greene, but he followed up those experiences by becoming the Director of Marketing for American Apparel…by age 24.

Earlier this summer he released his first book: Trust Me, I’m Lying (Disclosure: this is an Amazon Affiliate link), which explains the new media landscape and how he helped build the American Apparel brand.

Check out the video below for an engaging interview Ryan did with Chase Jarvis. It’s roughly 90 minutes, but I found it inspirational and motivating. If you’re a marketer or someone trying to figure out how to take greater control over your career, it’s a great investment of your time.

P.S. Chase Jarvis has a great interview series on YouTube and I would suggest checking out his other videos as well.

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