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November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

As I look back on all the books I intended to read in 2011 and didn’t, it feels very frustrating that I didn’t make more progress. Enter DailyLit, a site I had heard of a while back, but didn’t take seriously.

The basic idea is very simple: you subscribe to a book either by email or RSS and it’s sent to you as installments. You can set it up to deliver daily, every other day, etc. And it’s free.

I don’t think it works well for Fiction since Fiction has a flow and momentum you lose if read too sporadically, but I think it might work well for Non-Fiction.

I’ve decided to test it out with The 50th Law, by 50 Cent and Robert Greene (before you laugh, Greene in an incredible researcher and writer and the reviews are excellent), which is broken up into 85 installments, so I’ll finish the book in less than 3 months (at my current setting of one installment per day).

DailyLit isn’t going to be my only source for Literature – I’ll keep reading books the traditional way, but I think it could be a nice supplement to encourage myself to read more.

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