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The Politics of Food Chains and Brands

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Good stuff from Buzzfeed: “Two Charts That Explain What Your Food Says About Your Politics.”



Chipotle + Jaime Oliver

October 28, 2010 2 comments

I walked into Chipotle yesterday and found a stack of these small fliers at the cashier:

What an excellent, yet simple idea!! Dress up as “a horrifying processed food product” for Halloween and get basically any menu item for $2. It’s a nice tie-in with Halloween plus it benefits both the consumer and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Great way to raise money and awareness for an important cause.

LINK — Chipotle: Boorito

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Food Industry Feeding the Healthcare Issue

September 11, 2009 Leave a comment

WillEatForFoodvia altemark

Michael Pollan, author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” writes in this week’s New York Times:

No one disputes that the $2.3 trillion we devote to the health care industry is often spent unwisely, but the fact that the United States spends twice as much per person as most European countries on health care can be substantially explained, as a study released last month says, by our being fatter. Even the most efficient health care system that the administration could hope to devise would still confront a rising tide of chronic disease linked to diet.

That’s why our success in bringing health care costs under control ultimately depends on whether Washington can summon the political will to take on and reform a second, even more powerful industry: the food industry.

I’ve known of Michael Pollan since earlier this year but I just started reading his articles last month. I really like what he has to say, but I think we can dig even deeper into what the real issue is here.

One of the main reasons people have nutritional issues (which later become health problems) is lack of education on what constitutes healthy eating. So I would argue that before the government tackles the food industry, it needs to support education. If people can make informed, healthy decisions about their food choices, the food industry will have to respond by producing more healthy food and less of the bad stuff.

*** If you decide to read any of the links I’ve provided, at the very least read “Unhappy Meals.” It’s a long piece, but it’s fantastic and well worth your time.


Big Food vs. Big Insurance by Michael Pollan

New Salvo in City’s Way on Sugary Drinks – New NYC anti-soda campaign

Unhappy Meals by Michael Pollan

Out of the Kitchen, Onto The Couch by Michael Pollan

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